First post! — Doom, Wiz, and Tyler linked via sample

28 Feb

I’ve been listening to Tyler, The Creator nonstop lately…but then again, who hasn’t? This kid is so raw.

But when listening to Odd Toddlers off of his 2010 release “Bastard,” my friend pointed out that he uses a sample that MF Doom used long ago.

After some research, I realized that MF Doom did in fact use the same sample on his record “MM Food” (one of my favorites).

Then I found out that Wiz Khalifa was ALSO noted for using this sample in his 2010 mixtape, “Kush & Orange Juice.”

Well, the original song is called Huit Octobre 1971, and it is by Cortex. Check it out…

Here is MF Doom’s usage of the sample in his song One Beer…

This is Wiz Khalifa’s version in Visions…

Finally, this is Tyler, The Creator’s Odd Toddlers…

Hope you enjoyed my first of many posts.

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