Hellfyre Club – Prometheus

14 Mar

Hellfyre Club recently assembled an All-Star team of underground MC’s and told them to experiment with beats from glitch producers like Flying Lotus, Baths, and Mono/Poly. If Prometheus isn’t a successful experiment, then I don’t know what is.

After reading about this label in the L.A. Times, my expectations for this album were very, very high; a good rap/glitch album seemed like a perfect mixture (which I don’t see as often as I should…). Needless to say, this L.A.-based label greatly exceeded my long-time expectation. Although I’d never known any of these rappers before, they have made an excellent first impression. With a very creative combination of technical, precise lyricism and abstract rhythms of glitch hop, I believe this album has definitely achieved a “Pure Face.” Here are a couple of the tracks (and you can click on the “Hellfyre Club” artist link to take you to the soundcloud page with all of the tracks):

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