Toolroom Records lighting up the Beatport charts

15 Mar

Not since the fall of 2010 release of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP have I seen such domination of the electronic music distributor’s sales charts (8 of Skrillex’s 9 tracks were in the top 10 best selling songs for the entire site, with a dubstep song taking the coveted #1 spot!). Now the major house label, Toolroom Records seems to be clearing room for a few of their releases in the top.

All of the 12 top selling songs for all of Beatport are through the UK-based Toolroom Records. 10 of those 12 tracks are made up of the 10-track compilation album, Toolroom Records Miami 2011. This groovy album is mainly made up of tech house tunes, with a couple of electro house, progressive house, and plain ol’ house songs as well. The other 2 songs in the top 12 of Beatport’s charts are “DJ, You’ve Got My Love” by Richard Dinsdale taking the #4 spot, and “Budgie” by Funkagenda at #10.

Here’s the Fedde Le Grande banger which has been hanging onto the #1 position for quite some time now:

One Response to “Toolroom Records lighting up the Beatport charts”

  1. healyvideo 03/16/2011 at 11:33 pm #

    Nice build, exciting, a lot of fun!

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