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White girl flawlessly covering “Look At Me Now” (yes, even the Busta Rhymes verse)

14 Apr

I think by now most people are at least somewhat familiar with Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.” It’s a fun song with a cool minimalist beat (produced by Diplo and Afrojack) and one of the most insane verses of the past few years with Busta Rhymes’ tongue twisting rapidity.

An independent duo from Boston, named Karmin, have tackled this song and covered it. This is no ordinary youtube cover…this girl can seriously rap. She arguably makes Busta Rhymes’ verse even stronger with better articulated  lyrics and stellar breathing control.

Just listen for yourself and you can even download their cover for free here. Also head over to their channel and subscribe since they are seriously talented and it’s always good to support hard-working musicians like this.