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Skrillex mix of the Korn collaboration, “Get Up”

14 Apr

I talked about this song a couple weeks ago when only a 14 second long preview clip was available. Well Skrillex just uploaded this to his facebook and youtube account.

This specific version is called The Skrillex Directors Cut so I’m sure Korn will release a version that is more centered around the heavy rock sections because this version is structured much more like a modern dubstep song. Here it is, his collaboration with Korn, “Get Up.”

Flying Lotus x Blu — one of my favorite alternative hip hop collaborations

11 Apr

The duo has a new song entitled “Everything’s OK.” In this track we hear both Blu and Flying Lotus embrace a new progressive sound and run with it.

This is the sound that Flying Lotus has been leaning towards as of late. If you’re familiar with his recent release “Pattern + Grid World,” then this beat will not catch you off guard.

With a thus far mixed reaction to this song, I still think that the beat is fun and Blu and Jack Davey do a great job of keeping up with its chaos. Have a listen for yourself below.

This is not the first time they have worked together. Below I’ve added a couple of the songs they have collaborated on (Blu’s remix of Flylo’s “GNG BNG” has got to be one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard in a long while).

Metropolis — “Trust in the ‘M’ Machine”

11 Apr

Not much is known of Metropolis.

I remember two weeks ago when Porter Robinson tweeted a link to the following teaser video, my attention was successfully grabbed. Since there was basically no information given on the artist or the upcoming release, I just put it on the backburner.

Now Skrillex is also promoting this teaser and it has my full attention now. It is very intriguing that still no information is available on this (these) enigmatic producer(s). Metropolis has no previous material, their twitter account and facebook page only follow Skrillex and Porter Robinson, and neither of those accounts give any information on the artist.

If I had to guess, this is a collaboration between Skrillex and Porter Robinson. The style of the teaser is consistent with both of the aforementioned producers, and even the visual style of the video is similar to the teaser video of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP and his recent tour promotion.

Well, regardless of any assumptions I’ve made, it’s sounding really solid. It has Skrillex and Porter’s hectic and melodic styles, incorporating heavy drops and very catchy hooks (complete with female vocals). There are also some strong influences by Daft Punk, bringing thick and driving synths into play.

Take a listen

An unlikely collaboration — Skrillex vs Korn

31 Mar

Although Sonny Moore (aka Skrillex) was heavily invested in the hardcore scene a few years back when he was the frontman for From First To Last, it still caught me off guard to hear that he’s going to be doing a collaboration with the band Korn.

There is only a super short clip available now, but it is sounding fantastic so far. I’ll be updating this post as new developments are made.

Thom Yorke and MF Doom will “end up doing a whole record together”

21 Mar

Just after his announcement that he would be working with Four Tet and Burial for his next single, Radiohead lead Thom Yorke revealed today that he will be collaborating on an album with MF Doom. When asked about this speculation, Doom responded, eloquently I might add, “We’ve got some ill ass ideas.”

The two have been working on some duets, and an album seemed like the next logical step. Until we pick up anything from this album, enjoy Thom Yorke’s remix of Doom’s “Gazzillion Ear.” We’ll keep you updated on what is to come…

Kid Cudi & Wale working on a collaboration — differences between the two are finally settled

5 Mar

Although two of the strongest modern hip hop MC’s were at odds since the fall of 2010, they have just announced via twitter that they are working together again.

Back in September, an arguably cheap shot made by Wale in his “Thank You” freestyle about Kid Cudi’s altercation with an audience member struck a chord. Cudi went on to tell Complex Magazine that the comment should be disregarded since it was just “a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper.”

Well they seem to have worked out their differences, because Kid Cudi recently tweeted “its wild but me and @wale already got a new jam…right back to the programage.”

There aren’t any details on it just yet, but I know this track will be hot since both of these guys have some serious talent.