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Teebs – “Pretty Polly”

27 Apr

One of the strongest in Brainfeeder’s arsenal, California-native Teebs has just brought us a new track called “Pretty Polly.”

In this piece, Teebs twists a J. Rocc mix into a precious ballad with equally graceful and polished rhythms. Although the artist has announced that the official release of this song is still a ways away, I am more than content laying my head back and letting this track lull me into its brilliance.

Although these may not be the official visuals, I chose this video because it matches the tone of the song nicely

Tokimonsta gives us another song from her upcoming Creature Dreams EP

27 Apr

About two weeks ago, Tokimonsta uploaded the brand new song, “Breathe on my Contacts,” to her soundcloud along with a free download link.

Although the soundcloud download link has since reached its limit, you can still listen to the song below:

Just this afternoon, Tokimonsta linked her facebook followers to an article in XLR8R regarding her new EP, Creature Dreams. It also includes a premier of the song “Bright Shadows,” along with a download link. Just follow the link below to see the article and download!


Be sure to pick up Creature Dreams when it comes out this May 17th on Flying Lotus’ record label, Brainfeeder (tracklist and album artwork below).

01. Fallen Arches
02. Little Pleasures (ft. Gavin Turek)
03. Bright Shadows
04. Moving Forward
05. Stigmatizing Sex
06. Darkest (Dim) (ft. Gavin Turek)
07. Day Job

Flying Lotus x Blu — one of my favorite alternative hip hop collaborations

11 Apr

The duo has a new song entitled “Everything’s OK.” In this track we hear both Blu and Flying Lotus embrace a new progressive sound and run with it.

This is the sound that Flying Lotus has been leaning towards as of late. If you’re familiar with his recent release “Pattern + Grid World,” then this beat will not catch you off guard.

With a thus far mixed reaction to this song, I still think that the beat is fun and Blu and Jack Davey do a great job of keeping up with its chaos. Have a listen for yourself below.

This is not the first time they have worked together. Below I’ve added a couple of the songs they have collaborated on (Blu’s remix of Flylo’s “GNG BNG” has got to be one of the sickest tracks I’ve heard in a long while).

Hellfyre Club – Prometheus

14 Mar

Hellfyre Club recently assembled an All-Star team of underground MC’s and told them to experiment with beats from glitch producers like Flying Lotus, Baths, and Mono/Poly. If Prometheus isn’t a successful experiment, then I don’t know what is.

After reading about this label in the L.A. Times, my expectations for this album were very, very high; a good rap/glitch album seemed like a perfect mixture (which I don’t see as often as I should…). Needless to say, this L.A.-based label greatly exceeded my long-time expectation. Although I’d never known any of these rappers before, they have made an excellent first impression. With a very creative combination of technical, precise lyricism and abstract rhythms of glitch hop, I believe this album has definitely achieved a “Pure Face.” Here are a couple of the tracks (and you can click on the “Hellfyre Club” artist link to take you to the soundcloud page with all of the tracks):

Brainfeeder news

2 Mar

Flying Lotus’ label, Brainfeeder, has been doing big things lately, releasing Austin Peralta’s 7-track “Endless Planets” early in February, and Mr. Oizo’s “Moustache (Half a Scissor)” earlier in the fall. But, the Brainfeeder team has a lot in store for us this March.

Jeremiah Jae‘s Rappayamatantra EP is set to release on March 22.
Here’s the video for his new single “$easons”

Daedelus will be releasing his new EP, Righteous Fists of Harmony on March 23 (iTunes link below). He’s also touring with Tokimonsta (tour dates below)
March 15, Dallas, TX @ Trees
March 16-18, Austin, TX @ SXSW
March 20, New Orleans, LA @ Howlin’ Wolf
March 22, Oxford, MS @ The Lyric
March 23, Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
March 25, Tallahassee, FL @ Engine Room
March 27, Miami, FL @ Ultra
April 5, Montreal, WC @ La Belmont
April 6, Buffalo, NY @ Soundlab
April 7, Toronto, ON @ Wrongbar
April 9, Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
April 13, Denver, CO @ Cervantes
April 14, Tempe, AZ @ Club Red
April 16, Indo, CA @ Coachella
April 18, Arcata, CA @ Humbrews
April 20, Eugene, OR @ WOW Hall
April 21, Portland, OR @ Branx
April 23, Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse

Brainfeeder “Red Logo” Tees available in their online shop (link below)

New Taylor McFerrin Single – “Place in My Heart”

Let the Children Techno (tracklist included)

28 Feb

Last week, French record label Ed Banger released its much-anticipated Let the Children Techno EP.

After its white-hot rise in popularity in 2007 following its release of Justice’s D.A.N.C.E single, and following album, this label has once again struck gold with LTCT. Featuring a mixture of different electronic artists, such as Duke Dumont, Siriusmo, Para One, and Tacteel, this album has a very palatable variety of electro, ranging from the simple, yet complex polyrhythms of Flying Lotus, to the Fatboy Slim-esque grooves of DJ Mehdi, even featuring a performance (although lacking) by classic dub artist, Skream. It’s not a perfect 10, (this album DEFINITELY has its duds) but be open-minded, sit back, and enjoy as Ed Banger flexes its “electro” muscles.

Flylo – Caravan of Delight:

Siriusmo -Idiot (this one’s a sleeper):

Here is the complete tracklist:

01. Mr Oizo – Let The Children Techno
02. Busy P – Procrastinator
03. Duke Dumont – Hipgnosis
04. Siriusmo – Idiot
05. Para One & Tacteel – Infinity Riser (remix of Bernard Fevre’s Dali)
06. Breakbot – Shades Of Black
07. Sebastian – Enio
08. Mattie Safer (ft. Telli from Ninjasonik) – Is That Your Girl?
09. Gesaffelstein – The Voice
10. Cassius – Shark Simple (L-VIS 1990 & The Neon Dreams Remix)
11. DJEdjotronic – The Invisible Landscape
12. Discodeine – Grace
13. Feadz (ft. Claude Violante) – Far From Home
14. Brodinski & Tony Senghore – Anagogue
15. Bobmo – Control
16. Zombie Nation – Relax
17. Riton – One Night Stand
18. Skream – Boat Party
19. DJ Mehdi – TragicoMehdi
20. Flying Lotus – Caravan Of Delight

Erykah Badu x Flying Lotus

28 Feb

It has been a few weeks since this video was released, but I thought I’d put it up anyway.

Flying Lotus is one of my favorite modern musicians based on his psychedelic hip hop producing style. But this video shows his ability to seamlessly put on a director’s cap and make visual art through complex and stylistic multimedia.

The song is called “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long.” Check it out