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Feed Me releases a new Nero remix and gives his fans a preview of his upcoming EP

27 Apr

Feed Me has been hard at work since his Mau5trap debut EP, Feed Me’s Big Adventure sold incredibly well on Beatport.

He has since performed on the main stage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and put out various singles and remixes such as the remix to Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.”

Now Feed Me has a new remix…this time it is of Nero’s “Innocence.”

Another gift that Feed Me gave his fans recently is a teaser for each of the songs on his upcoming 4-track EP, Feed Me to the Stars. So far, this EP is sounding fantastic, incorporating some electro house, some dubstep, even some breaks. It’ll be nice to hear the full versions of each of these songs.

Here is a longer clip of the title track “To the Stars,” being performed by Feed Me at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

The new hot duo, Karmin, is back with another hip hop cover

27 Apr

Karmin was brought to viral fame this month with their cover of “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown. Well, they’re already back now with yet another contemporary hip hop cover, this time, Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot.”

Take a listen below and download the song for free here.

White girl flawlessly covering “Look At Me Now” (yes, even the Busta Rhymes verse)

14 Apr

I think by now most people are at least somewhat familiar with Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now.” It’s a fun song with a cool minimalist beat (produced by Diplo and Afrojack) and one of the most insane verses of the past few years with Busta Rhymes’ tongue twisting rapidity.

An independent duo from Boston, named Karmin, have tackled this song and covered it. This is no ordinary youtube cover…this girl can seriously rap. She arguably makes Busta Rhymes’ verse even stronger with better articulated  lyrics and stellar breathing control.

Just listen for yourself and you can even download their cover for free here. Also head over to their channel and subscribe since they are seriously talented and it’s always good to support hard-working musicians like this.

Dodge & Fuski bootleg remix of David Guetta’s “Love Don’t Let Me Go” — free download

11 Apr

As a “thank you” to all of the devoted fans that helped make Dodge & Fuski’s recent Come Again EP such a success, the team at Never Say Die Records have posted a new remix by them to be downloaded for free!

The bootleg of David Guetta’s “Love Don’t Let Me Go” can be downloaded here.