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Feed Me releases a new Nero remix and gives his fans a preview of his upcoming EP

27 Apr

Feed Me has been hard at work since his Mau5trap debut EP, Feed Me’s Big Adventure sold incredibly well on Beatport.

He has since performed on the main stage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and put out various singles and remixes such as the remix to Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.”

Now Feed Me has a new remix…this time it is of Nero’s “Innocence.”

Another gift that Feed Me gave his fans recently is a teaser for each of the songs on his upcoming 4-track EP, Feed Me to the Stars. So far, this EP is sounding fantastic, incorporating some electro house, some dubstep, even some breaks. It’ll be nice to hear the full versions of each of these songs.

Here is a longer clip of the title track “To the Stars,” being performed by Feed Me at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

Toolroom Records lighting up the Beatport charts

15 Mar

Not since the fall of 2010 release of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP have I seen such domination of the electronic music distributor’s sales charts (8 of Skrillex’s 9 tracks were in the top 10 best selling songs for the entire site, with a dubstep song taking the coveted #1 spot!). Now the major house label, Toolroom Records seems to be clearing room for a few of their releases in the top.

All of the 12 top selling songs for all of Beatport are through the UK-based Toolroom Records. 10 of those 12 tracks are made up of the 10-track compilation album, Toolroom Records Miami 2011. This groovy album is mainly made up of tech house tunes, with a couple of electro house, progressive house, and plain ol’ house songs as well. The other 2 songs in the top 12 of Beatport’s charts are “DJ, You’ve Got My Love” by Richard Dinsdale taking the #4 spot, and “Budgie” by Funkagenda at #10.

Here’s the Fedde Le Grande banger which has been hanging onto the #1 position for quite some time now: