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New video for Frank Ocean’s “Songs For Women”

22 Apr

The R&B mastermind of Odd Future now has a stylish new video to go along with arguably his most popular song to date.

Note that this video is fan-made, so it’s not officially Frank’s video, but at least it’s something with a fitting mood for the song.

New 63 track mixtape by Frank Ocean (aka Lonny Breaux) of Odd Future – tracklist included

13 Apr

The new tape consists of tracks recorded prior to the release of his highly acclaimed Nostalgia, Ultra.

Frank Ocean has got to be one of my favorite members of the Odd Future crew. He stands out among all the others with his soulful and smooth R&B style.

If you don’t already have Nostalgia, Ultra, then you’d better go grab a hold of it somewhere…it’s a must own.

Here is the tracklist and album artwork for Frank’s new epic mixtape, The Lonny Breaux Collecition:

01. Acura Integurl
02. Bedtime Story
03. Blasted [Prod. Midi Mafia]
04. Bricks And Steel [Prod. Underdogs]
05. Broken Pieces [Prod. Clyde & Harry]
06. Can’t Be The Last Time [Prod. Gil & Vince]
07. Day Away [Prod. Brain Kennedy]
08. Denim [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
09. Done [Prod. Midi Mafia]
10. Dying for Your Love
11. Dying for Your Love (2nd take)
12. Flight [Prod. By J.R. Hutson]
13. Focus [Prod. Soundz]
14. Follow [Prod. Underdogs]
15. Go Up [Prod. J.R Hutson]
16. Got The Keys [Prod. Midi Mafia]
17. Greedy Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
18. Hardest Thing [Prod. Midi Mafia]
19. Holly Baby
20. I Need Love [Prod. The Cartel]
21. If I’m In Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
22. J.O.B [Prod. Syience]
23. Kamikaze [Prod. Underdogs]
24. Know Better [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
25. Lights [Prod. Midi Mafia]
26. Lonny
27. Lost Angel [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
28. Love On My Piano
29. Miss You So [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
30. No Bonnie [Prod. Midi Mafia]
31. No Love
32. Non-Stop [Prod. J.R. Rotem]
33. Ohh In Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
34. Old Terror [Prod. Midi Mafia]
35. One Look [Prod. Midi Mafia]
36. Open Air
37. Overload [Prod. Midi Mafia]
38. Private Show [Prod. J.R. Rotem]
39. Quickly [Prod. Midi Mafia]
40. Read The Stars [Prod. Midi Mafia]
41. Ready
42. Real [Prod. Underdogs]
43. Rewind That
44. Richest Man In The Room [Prod. Midi Mafia]
45. Rocket Love [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
46. Scared Of Beautiful [Prod. Midi Mafia]
47. She Won’t Say Hello [Prod. Underdogs]
48. Simply [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
49. So Comfortable [Prod. Underdogs]
50. So Fresh
51. Standing Still [Prod. Midi Mafia]
52. Stay If You Go [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
53. Sucka For Love [Prod. Mansur]
54. Sucka For Love [Prod. Mansur] (2nd take)
55. Surprise Ending
56. Taste [Prod. Midi Mafia]
57. The City [Prod. Tim & Bob]
58. Time Machine [Prod. Midi Mafia]
59. Together [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
60. Tonight
61. Truce [Prod. by The Runners]
62. Wake Up [Prod. Underdogs]
63. When I’m Done [Prod. Midi Mafia]

Just for fun, here’s one of my favorite Frank Ocean tracks (this one is off of Nostalgia, Ultra)

What’s new in dubstep?

21 Mar

In this article I’ll highlight some of the newest and hottest dubstep stuff on late March 2011. You’ll hear new tracks from Dirtyloud, Subvert & Excision, Sluggo & Liquid Stranger, and Nostalgia.

Everyone is now familiar with Dirtyloud after the resounding success of their “Rock It Roll It” remix. It sat at the tip top of the Beatport dubstep charts for weeks and is still in a very good place at #6.
Now they have a new remix. It is of Byob’s “Chillin.” Buy it here on Beatport:

Out now on Rottun Records is a new release from the duo of Excision and Subvert. It’s a two track record, titled “Rude Symphony / Darkness.” It’s doing very well, currently being supported on Beatports “Must Hear Dubstep” chart of the week.
Here’s the link so you can purchase it:

Sluggo is a strong up and comer in the dubstep scene, gaining some recognition along his friends in Helicopter Showdown with their collaborations (listen to “The Wrestler” and “Hostage”). But now Sluggo is pairing up with a different artist, Liquid Stranger. Together they have put out a banger of a dubstep track on Ultragore Recordings titled “Stalkers.” It was released coupled with Helicopter Showdown’s “Hostage,” and it is also featured in Beatports “Must Hear Dubstep” chart.

The Legend of Zelda — new trend in the electronic music world?

14 Mar

At the end of last month, I made a post about upcoming dubstep tracks. Among that list was a song called “The Hero” by an up-and-comer, appropriately named Nostalgia. It featured an intro sampling the old-school theme song to the video game classic, The Legend of Zelda. We can expect that song to drop later this month on Play Me Too Records.

Now we have another EDM song to look forward to coming out this month featuring the legendary sample.

Zedd, an extremely hard working electro house producer, made famous by a couple of high profile Skrillex remixes, is now giving his fans a blast from the past. On Bazooka Records, he’ll be releasing his single “The Legend of Zelda,” along with Electrixx’s remix of it on March 21st. I have yet to hear the Electrixx remix, but it’s sure to be sick considering some of their fiery electro house tunes in the past like “Tetris” and “Tokyo Rush.”

Here’s a clip of Nostalgia’s dubstep take on the Zelda theme:

This is Zedd’s electro house take on it:

And just for fun…here’s Deadmau5′ old mix of “You Need A Ladder” which used this sample for an intro:

Upcoming dubstep tunes from SKisM, Nostalgia, and Helicopter Showdown (preview clips)

28 Feb

While Excision & Downlink produced an absolute banger back in 2010 with “Heavy Artillery,” SKisM’s remix is looking to be incredible. Here’s the preview clip that he provided on soundcloud


Almost completely unknown in the dubstep world, we have Nostalgia. He has one release on Beatport, Crackin Skulls EP, which had a nice variety of Dubstep and Drumstep, and definitely deserves recognition. However, the clip below is one of the dubstep tracks that I am most excited for in 2011. The Zelda sample at the beginning is an automatic plus for me since I am a nerd who loves samples like that, and then the heavy drop is reminiscent of late Flux Pavilion, which is an amazing compliment. It’s a melodic and poppy dubstep song that doesn’t pull any punches whatsoever.


Finally, Helicopter Showdown has been doing huge things in 2011. His Wrestler EP was a breath of fresh air for the genre, mixing the melodic hooks and gated vocals of Skrillex with the heavy wobbles of Doctor P. Now he is collaborating with Sluggo again (like he did in his EP’s best/title track “The Wrestler”). For whatever reason, the soudcloud player is not showing up for this link, but if you just follow it to the official soundcloud site, then you’ll be able to hear it.