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Pharrell remixes a Tron Legacy instrumental and collaborates with Odd Future

1 Apr

Pharrell has added a little personality and finesse to the robotic theme of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack in this new remix entitled “The Game has Changed”. I’ve always thought of Pharrell as a very fickle, fluid rapper, but this track displays his versatility as a producer, as well as some classically nice Pharrell flows. I really recommend this one:

Speaking of Pharrell’s production, it was revealed earlier in March that Pharrell and Chad Hugo’s DJ combo, The Neptunes, would join forces with Odd Future…needless to say I’m excited. Apparently, after having worked with Tyler on two tracks from his upcoming Goblin, album, the rest of Wolf Gang wanted in. Written by Tyler himself, his description of the studio time expresses a lot of respect for Pharrell (read it with a Tyler voice in your head and its way better than it looks):

“so, im at diddys house today, and you know, i ask him about the neptune tracks that didnt make the fucking Press Play or LTTP shit. this nigga played me like 8 fucking beats. and got damn, were they fucking tight. its was some that sounded like hell hath no fury type shit, and then some shit that sound like young girl/the beat goes on then some shit that sound like the Yummy type shit the beats were realllllllly goood. i asked him if they would see the light of day, he said ” yeah, one day”

“yeah, and chad. i asked him a bunch of shit, im trying to get the sooner or later instrumentak and the cassie hide track. i might even get to hear some In Search Of Sessions!!! ( i played chad locked away and he was like WTF? that was suppse to be on insearchof.)” “right now as i type im in the studio with P and Chad. this shit is fucking crazy. we’re making a beat. o my fucking atheist god. my fucking Hero, the nigga that shaped my life ( no homo) is a Fan of me, like, is a legit fan.”

Look for more from both of these groups in the near future.

New single from Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis of Odd Future — “Tang Golf”

31 Mar

OFWGKTA has been known to break off into small groups and put out independent tracks…well now two of the gang, Hodgy Beats & Domo Genesis, have a new single for us.

The single is titled “Tang Golf.” I’m guessing that name is a nod to Wu Tang Clan considering the Odd Future crew has been compared with them numerous times. Also, the beat is from Wu Tang’s producer, The RZA’s song “4th Chamber.”

Tyler, The Creator’s upcoming LP, ‘Goblin’ — artwork, release date & speculative tracklist revealed

16 Mar

Since Tyler released the first single off of Goblin, “Yonkers,” everyone has been waiting with baited breath for the title to finally drop.

Well, unfortunately I’m not here to tell you that it is out, but at least it’s a step in that direction. The Odd Future crew has given us the release date, May 10th, and album artwork for Goblin via one of their many secondary domain names (link and artwork below).


This is the confirmed artwork for the LP (a colorful/abstract version of a famous picture of Buffalo Bill Cody at the age of 19…Tyler’s current age):

Also, this is the speculative tracklist for the album. Keep in mind that it has yet to be confirmed…

01. Goblin
02. Yonkers
03. Radicals
04. She (ft. Frank Ocean)
05. Transylvania
06. Nightmare
07. Tron Cat
08. Her
09. Sandwitches (ft. Hodgy Beats)
10. Fish / Boppin Bitch
11. Analog (ft. Hodgy Beats)
12. Bitch Suck Dick (ft. Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. Window (ft. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats & Mike G)
14. AU79
15. Golden
16. Burger (ft. Hodgy Beats) [Bonus Track]
17. Untitled 63 [Bonus Track]
18. Steak Sauce [Bonus Track]

First post! — Doom, Wiz, and Tyler linked via sample

28 Feb

I’ve been listening to Tyler, The Creator nonstop lately…but then again, who hasn’t? This kid is so raw.

But when listening to Odd Toddlers off of his 2010 release “Bastard,” my friend pointed out that he uses a sample that MF Doom used long ago.

After some research, I realized that MF Doom did in fact use the same sample on his record “MM Food” (one of my favorites).

Then I found out that Wiz Khalifa was ALSO noted for using this sample in his 2010 mixtape, “Kush & Orange Juice.”

Well, the original song is called Huit Octobre 1971, and it is by Cortex. Check it out…

Here is MF Doom’s usage of the sample in his song One Beer…

This is Wiz Khalifa’s version in Visions…

Finally, this is Tyler, The Creator’s Odd Toddlers…

Hope you enjoyed my first of many posts.