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Aloe Blacc’s LP, “Good Things,” gets certified Gold in France

5 May

The Stones Throw Records crooner, Aloe Blacc, did big things when he released his Good Things LP. “I Need A Dollar” became an instant success, achieving Platinum and Gold sales in Switzerland and Germany respectively. All in all, his R&B style won over the hearts of just about everybody. Now his whole LP has reached Gold status in France, so lets just keep our fingers crossed that Aloe Blacc can keep up this winning streak.

New 63 track mixtape by Frank Ocean (aka Lonny Breaux) of Odd Future – tracklist included

13 Apr

The new tape consists of tracks recorded prior to the release of his highly acclaimed Nostalgia, Ultra.

Frank Ocean has got to be one of my favorite members of the Odd Future crew. He stands out among all the others with his soulful and smooth R&B style.

If you don’t already have Nostalgia, Ultra, then you’d better go grab a hold of it somewhere…it’s a must own.

Here is the tracklist and album artwork for Frank’s new epic mixtape, The Lonny Breaux Collecition:

01. Acura Integurl
02. Bedtime Story
03. Blasted [Prod. Midi Mafia]
04. Bricks And Steel [Prod. Underdogs]
05. Broken Pieces [Prod. Clyde & Harry]
06. Can’t Be The Last Time [Prod. Gil & Vince]
07. Day Away [Prod. Brain Kennedy]
08. Denim [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
09. Done [Prod. Midi Mafia]
10. Dying for Your Love
11. Dying for Your Love (2nd take)
12. Flight [Prod. By J.R. Hutson]
13. Focus [Prod. Soundz]
14. Follow [Prod. Underdogs]
15. Go Up [Prod. J.R Hutson]
16. Got The Keys [Prod. Midi Mafia]
17. Greedy Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
18. Hardest Thing [Prod. Midi Mafia]
19. Holly Baby
20. I Need Love [Prod. The Cartel]
21. If I’m In Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
22. J.O.B [Prod. Syience]
23. Kamikaze [Prod. Underdogs]
24. Know Better [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
25. Lights [Prod. Midi Mafia]
26. Lonny
27. Lost Angel [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
28. Love On My Piano
29. Miss You So [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
30. No Bonnie [Prod. Midi Mafia]
31. No Love
32. Non-Stop [Prod. J.R. Rotem]
33. Ohh In Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
34. Old Terror [Prod. Midi Mafia]
35. One Look [Prod. Midi Mafia]
36. Open Air
37. Overload [Prod. Midi Mafia]
38. Private Show [Prod. J.R. Rotem]
39. Quickly [Prod. Midi Mafia]
40. Read The Stars [Prod. Midi Mafia]
41. Ready
42. Real [Prod. Underdogs]
43. Rewind That
44. Richest Man In The Room [Prod. Midi Mafia]
45. Rocket Love [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
46. Scared Of Beautiful [Prod. Midi Mafia]
47. She Won’t Say Hello [Prod. Underdogs]
48. Simply [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
49. So Comfortable [Prod. Underdogs]
50. So Fresh
51. Standing Still [Prod. Midi Mafia]
52. Stay If You Go [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
53. Sucka For Love [Prod. Mansur]
54. Sucka For Love [Prod. Mansur] (2nd take)
55. Surprise Ending
56. Taste [Prod. Midi Mafia]
57. The City [Prod. Tim & Bob]
58. Time Machine [Prod. Midi Mafia]
59. Together [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
60. Tonight
61. Truce [Prod. by The Runners]
62. Wake Up [Prod. Underdogs]
63. When I’m Done [Prod. Midi Mafia]

Just for fun, here’s one of my favorite Frank Ocean tracks (this one is off of Nostalgia, Ultra)