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New music video for Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon”

27 Apr

Not too much to say here. Everyone knows that Flux Pavilion has a great influence over the modern age of dubstep. Everyone also knows that his recent single, “Bass Cannon,” is one of the hardest hitting dubstep song ever created. Just take a look at the goofy video below. You’ll also see his Circus Records partner, Doctor P make an appearance.

MED, of Stones Throw Records, releases a new LP — ‘Bang Ya Head 3’ (tracklist included)

22 Apr

MED is a hardworking emcee for the alternative hip hop team over at Stones Throw. He’s worked with the likes of Madlib, Just Blaze, and J. Rocc just to name a few.

Already he’s finished with his third iteration in the Bang Ya Head series, and it’s sounding great.

Listen to a continuous mix of the album here:

01. Intro
02. Ain’t Bragging (ft. Guilty Simpson) [prod. Waajeed]
03. Candlelight [prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow]
04. Your Life (ft. Blu) [prod. Exile]
05. Superman [prod. J. Rocc]
06. Head Banger [prod. Dem Beatz]
07. 50,000 [prod. Soul Professa]
08. Highs & Lows [prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow]
09. The Cypher (Two & Pass) feat. & LMNO [prod. Madlib]
10. Skeet’s House
11. R.E.M. (ft. Epsilon) [prod. Oddisee]
12. Bounce Back [prod. Alchemist]
13. Misunderstood [prod. Medicine Man]
14. Dedication [prod. Dem Beatz]
15. Purest (ft. Pok) [prod. House Shoes]
16. One Two’s [prod. Dibiase]
17. Eaze Off (ft. Marvwon) [prod. J. Rocc]
18. Outro [prod. Daru Jones]

Also, as an added bonus for buying the physical CD, buyers are given a free download of all of the instrumental tracks on the album.

Cyberoptics — brand new song up for free download!

22 Apr

Although a newcomer to dubstep, Cyberoptics has definitely been making a splash lately.

The Tennessee native got signed to the acclaimed Play Me Records not too long ago and released his EP Tie Fighter. Songs from that EP have been circulating the dubstep section of Beatport, with the song “Pimpin” featured in this week’s 10 Must Hear Dubstep Tracks as well as piercing the top 10 charting songs of the genre.

Listen to his brand new release, “Wall-E,” below and download for free here.


Also, here is the strongly selling “Pimpin”

Circus One — presented by Doctor P and Flux Pavilion (tracklist included)

18 Apr

One of the strongest record labels in all of dubstep, Circus Records, is now putting out a compilation album featuring many of their prominent artists.

The iTunes version is now available for pre-order for only $8.99 and will include 16 tracks along with one continuous mix. Pick it up when it officially releases on May 1st.

01. Bass Canon – Flux Pavilion
02. Blurgh! – Cookie Monsta
03. In The hood – Slum Dogz
04. Mattress Punch – FuntCase
05. I Can’t Stop – Flux Pavilion
06. Bubble Trouble – Cookie Monsta
07. Voscillate (Roksonix Remix) – Flux Pavilion
08. Mosh Pit – Cookie Monsta
09. Sweet Shop – Doctor P
10. 2 Bad – Roksonix
11. Lines In Wax – Flux Pavilion (ft. Foreign Beggars)
12. Watch Out – Doctor P
13. 50 Caliber – FuntCase
14. Big Boss – Doctor P
15. Got 2 Know – Flux Pavilion
16. For All Time – Slum Dogz
17. [Continuous Mix]

Document One EP soon to be released on Never Say Die Records

13 Apr

Not much to say here that isn’t already in the title.

It’s nice to see this powerful duo get some much deserved recognition. I’m a huge fan of their work and they deserved to get an opportunity like this. Never Say Die is a strong label when it comes to dubstep and drum & bass, so it’s safe to say that Document One could easily blow up very soon.

Take a listen to the four previews that they just uploaded to soundcloud yesterday. So far, my favorite has got to be the retro, goofy, and fun “Claptrack.”

Wiz Khalifa — new video for his bonus track “Taylor Gang”

9 Apr

Considering that his major label debut LP “Rolling Papers” was just given its release, Wiz Khalifa has a new music video for us.

This video is of his Delux Version’s final track “Taylor Gang” featuring Chevy Woods. Fairly simple…Wiz doing what he loves most.

Wiz Khalifa – Rooftops (ft. Curren$y)

21 Mar

Another track off Rolling Papers, which is set to release on the 29th, “Rooftops” features Wiz with long time collaborator Curren$y. As it is Wiz’s first release on a major label (Atlantic Records and his typical label, Rostrum Records), there are high expectations awaiting the Hottest Breakthrough Hip Hop Artist of 2010.

Anticipations aside, this track is fun. If you are a Wiz fan, this song definitely stays true to Wiz’s normal subject matter, but it has a very comfortable, relaxed melody that is easy to slip in to. This young Pittsburgh rapper’s effortless and conversational style and Curren$y’s flow compliment the rhythm very well. Give this a listen:

Toolroom Records lighting up the Beatport charts

15 Mar

Not since the fall of 2010 release of Skrillex’s Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites EP have I seen such domination of the electronic music distributor’s sales charts (8 of Skrillex’s 9 tracks were in the top 10 best selling songs for the entire site, with a dubstep song taking the coveted #1 spot!). Now the major house label, Toolroom Records seems to be clearing room for a few of their releases in the top.

All of the 12 top selling songs for all of Beatport are through the UK-based Toolroom Records. 10 of those 12 tracks are made up of the 10-track compilation album, Toolroom Records Miami 2011. This groovy album is mainly made up of tech house tunes, with a couple of electro house, progressive house, and plain ol’ house songs as well. The other 2 songs in the top 12 of Beatport’s charts are “DJ, You’ve Got My Love” by Richard Dinsdale taking the #4 spot, and “Budgie” by Funkagenda at #10.

Here’s the Fedde Le Grande banger which has been hanging onto the #1 position for quite some time now:

Helicopter Showdown — new releases

14 Mar

Helicopter Showdown, a favorite of us here at Tunes & More Tunes, has a few new songs for the fans. Coming off of the huge success of their Ultragore Records debut, The Wrestler EP, Helicopter Showdown has not slowed down for one second.

(^^Helicopter Showdown with their buddy Sluggo^^)

Since the aforementioned Wrestler EP, they have put out two new singles on Beatport, “Get Tuff” and “Hostages” (the latter being yet another collaboration with Sluggo). By using the link below, you can purchase all of their releases.


Helicopter Showdown is also known for their generosity, releasing a few tracks for free in the past. Well, just this week they released a new 7 minute banger, “Dramatron.” If you notice a similarity between this drop and Flux Pavilion’s new track “Bass Cannon,” you wouldn’t be the first. But, similarities aside, this Helicopter Showdown song is still huge. Here is the link to their soundcloud page where you can download “Dramatron” for FREE!


Dance Gavin Dance — new album leaked

4 Mar

Although Dance Gavin Dance was planning on releasing their Downtown Battle Mountain sequel, Downtown Battle Mountain II on March 8th, it has been leaked online. Because of this (or as the band said on their facebook, “in celebration” of this), they have put all of the tracks up on youtube.

Check them all out at the official Rise Records youtube channel, and on March 8th you can pick up the album in stores or on iTunes.