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MED, of Stones Throw Records, releases a new LP — ‘Bang Ya Head 3’ (tracklist included)

22 Apr

MED is a hardworking emcee for the alternative hip hop team over at Stones Throw. He’s worked with the likes of Madlib, Just Blaze, and J. Rocc just to name a few.

Already he’s finished with his third iteration in the Bang Ya Head series, and it’s sounding great.

Listen to a continuous mix of the album here:

01. Intro
02. Ain’t Bragging (ft. Guilty Simpson) [prod. Waajeed]
03. Candlelight [prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow]
04. Your Life (ft. Blu) [prod. Exile]
05. Superman [prod. J. Rocc]
06. Head Banger [prod. Dem Beatz]
07. 50,000 [prod. Soul Professa]
08. Highs & Lows [prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow]
09. The Cypher (Two & Pass) feat. & LMNO [prod. Madlib]
10. Skeet’s House
11. R.E.M. (ft. Epsilon) [prod. Oddisee]
12. Bounce Back [prod. Alchemist]
13. Misunderstood [prod. Medicine Man]
14. Dedication [prod. Dem Beatz]
15. Purest (ft. Pok) [prod. House Shoes]
16. One Two’s [prod. Dibiase]
17. Eaze Off (ft. Marvwon) [prod. J. Rocc]
18. Outro [prod. Daru Jones]

Also, as an added bonus for buying the physical CD, buyers are given a free download of all of the instrumental tracks on the album.

Cyberoptics — brand new song up for free download!

22 Apr

Although a newcomer to dubstep, Cyberoptics has definitely been making a splash lately.

The Tennessee native got signed to the acclaimed Play Me Records not too long ago and released his EP Tie Fighter. Songs from that EP have been circulating the dubstep section of Beatport, with the song “Pimpin” featured in this week’s 10 Must Hear Dubstep Tracks as well as piercing the top 10 charting songs of the genre.

Listen to his brand new release, “Wall-E,” below and download for free here.


Also, here is the strongly selling “Pimpin”

New Justice single, “Civilization” — leaked

28 Mar

Justice, a household name after their brilliant 2007 album, Cross, is finally back with another track for us.

Earlier this month, Adidas featured the song in their “Adidas Is All In” commercial, but today it was leaked online.


Here’s the Adidas commercial:

Brand new Deadmau5 tracks streaming on Soundcloud

14 Mar

Over the past 24 hours, Deadmau5 has released two full length songs under his soundcloud “fml” moniker. This is the page where he’s put up his old demos and experimental tracks (often inspired by Minecraft…lol).

First up is the entirely ambient, yet gorgeous “Bleed.” Put this song on in the background as you study and you’ll be zoning out.

The other track harkens back to his days of “Clockwork” when he’d have epic, long, moody progressive house tracks. This track, titled “HR 8908 Cephei” is fairly minimal at parts, but groovy throughout…I think I like this one track more than the entirety of “4×4=12.”