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Helicopter Showdown — new releases

14 Mar

Helicopter Showdown, a favorite of us here at Tunes & More Tunes, has a few new songs for the fans. Coming off of the huge success of their Ultragore Records debut, The Wrestler EP, Helicopter Showdown has not slowed down for one second.

(^^Helicopter Showdown with their buddy Sluggo^^)

Since the aforementioned Wrestler EP, they have put out two new singles on Beatport, “Get Tuff” and “Hostages” (the latter being yet another collaboration with Sluggo). By using the link below, you can purchase all of their releases.


Helicopter Showdown is also known for their generosity, releasing a few tracks for free in the past. Well, just this week they released a new 7 minute banger, “Dramatron.” If you notice a similarity between this drop and Flux Pavilion’s new track “Bass Cannon,” you wouldn’t be the first. But, similarities aside, this Helicopter Showdown song is still huge. Here is the link to their soundcloud page where you can download “Dramatron” for FREE!