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Black Cobain ft. Wale — “4AM” (music video)

5 May

Yet another Virginia rapper has graced us with a product of his creation. This time its Black Cobain, giving us the visuals to “4AM”, a song produced by Tone P, featuring D.C. native Wale. This video shows the artists cruising, smoking, and flowing away a black and white New York night. It brings to the surface a lot of similarities between the styles of the two rappers, but also shows the versatility each has to offer.  Here it is:

Kid Cudi & Wale working on a collaboration — differences between the two are finally settled

5 Mar

Although two of the strongest modern hip hop MC’s were at odds since the fall of 2010, they have just announced via twitter that they are working together again.

Back in September, an arguably cheap shot made by Wale in his “Thank You” freestyle about Kid Cudi’s altercation with an audience member struck a chord. Cudi went on to tell Complex Magazine that the comment should be disregarded since it was just “a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper.”

Well they seem to have worked out their differences, because Kid Cudi recently tweeted “its wild but me and @wale already got a new jam…right back to the programage.”

There aren’t any details on it just yet, but I know this track will be hot since both of these guys have some serious talent.