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Feed Me releases a new Nero remix and gives his fans a preview of his upcoming EP

27 Apr

Feed Me has been hard at work since his Mau5trap debut EP, Feed Me’s Big Adventure sold incredibly well on Beatport.

He has since performed on the main stage at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival and put out various singles and remixes such as the remix to Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend.”

Now Feed Me has a new remix…this time it is of Nero’s “Innocence.”

Another gift that Feed Me gave his fans recently is a teaser for each of the songs on his upcoming 4-track EP, Feed Me to the Stars. So far, this EP is sounding fantastic, incorporating some electro house, some dubstep, even some breaks. It’ll be nice to hear the full versions of each of these songs.

Here is a longer clip of the title track “To the Stars,” being performed by Feed Me at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

Childish Gambino does a short live set for a Boise steakhouse

22 Apr

While on tour, Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino) stopped at a Boise, Idaho steakhouse and ended up doing an impromptu show for the people there.

First he does “Bitch Look At Me Now” (including the instrumentals from Grizzly Bear’s “Two Weeks”) and then “Not Going Back” from his new EP.

Document One EP soon to be released on Never Say Die Records

13 Apr

Not much to say here that isn’t already in the title.

It’s nice to see this powerful duo get some much deserved recognition. I’m a huge fan of their work and they deserved to get an opportunity like this. Never Say Die is a strong label when it comes to dubstep and drum & bass, so it’s safe to say that Document One could easily blow up very soon.

Take a listen to the four previews that they just uploaded to soundcloud yesterday. So far, my favorite has got to be the retro, goofy, and fun “Claptrack.”

Star Slinger — “Close to Me” and Video

11 Apr

A favorite of ours here at Tunes, Star Slinger provides us with his visual representation of “Close to Me”, his collaboration with producer Teams. Unlike his euphoric “Mornin’” video, this piece plays on the cautions and insecurities people have with strangers in a peculiar, clever way. It does this wonderful tune justice in perfectly fitting fashion, despite its pure oddness. Star Slinger and Teams’ recent team-up EP is up for download here. Give the video a look here.

Also, here’s Star Slinger’s remix of Alex Winston’s “Sister Wife,” in which I think our ever consistent producer does a wonderful job taking advantage of the song’s rich vocals and replacing the acoustic guitar with a relaxed synth and some nice punchy rhythms:

Childish Gambino — March releases

28 Mar

Early this month on the 8th, Donald Glover gave us his EP for free. If you haven’t heard it, I recommend it HIGHLY. Seriously, this release was absolute fire. His lyrics have reached new heights in word play and he has some beautifully structured melodies as well. Download the EP for free at the link below:


We’ve already heard the banger “Freaks & Geeks,” (along with the Star Slinger remix), but besides that, this EP gives us 4 additional songs which all are insane. My favorite happens to be the final track, “Not Going Back.”

Well, in addition to this amazing EP, Glover has just released a single entitled “The Longest Text Message.” According to his twitter, this song was written and recorded during a drunken Thanksgiving night. Props to him because this song is fantastic. Download it HERE.

Dodge & Fuski’s “Come Again” EP out today

22 Mar

This hard hitting dubstep duo has been working hard and putting out tons of quality tunes in the past few months. Some of their most notable songs in my opinion are “Four on the Floor,” “Resurrection,” and “Ridin’ High.”

Now they have given us a full release, entitled Come Again EP.
Get it on Beatport here.

Take a listen below to the title track of the EP:

Sweatshop Union — The Bill Murray EP

4 Mar

The Bill Murray (EP) Cover Art

This Tuesday, Sweatshop Union, a rap quartet out of Vancouver, released their brand new The Bill Murray EP. Although jazzier and lighter than Brother Ali’s style, this rap collective has a relaxed feel that is a complete change up from the recent OFWGKTA buzz.
I don’t know much about this group, but all I have heard is praise. Here’s a link to the album, and also check out one of the songs off of their Water Street album:


New Bare EP & bootleg

28 Feb

Bare is a hardworking dubstep producer who has put out a few bangers in the past.

Now he is signed to Dieselboy’s Record Label, SubHuman, which released his new Hard As Hell EP today on Beatport (link below).


One of the tracks off of this EP has just gotten promoted by UKF’s Dubstep youtube channel…

And in addition to this huge release by Bare and the SubHuman team, they decided to give us fans a FREE 320 kbps download of a Bare bootleg of The Game’s “Purp & Yellow.” Here is the soundcloud link (which includes a free download)


Hot new EP from Torqux & Twist — out today on Rottun Records!

28 Feb

This may seem like a wildly hyperbolic statement, but this is one of the best, if not the best, dubstep release I’ve ever heard. Each of the 4 songs are equally HUGE, and these guys have perfected the monster synth that Skrillex has brought to the forefront of dubstep.

So many EPs have 1 or 2 bangers, but will lose my interest at some point. However, this EP’s energy and power never let up.

Torqux & Twist have been around for a little while now, releasing a few EPs and numerous singles/remixes in the past. Well, this new EP entitled “Unleashed” is definitely their heaviest, darkest, and most well written yet.

I could go on and on, but you all should just pick it up on Beatport. Here’s the link:


Also, here is one of my favorite songs off of it…