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Tyler, The Creator — more from Thurnis Haley

5 May

I already showed you guys his first installment as Thurnis…well now Tyler has a couple more videos of the beloved ‘golf wang.’

I like these because they coincide with the whole Odd Future formula of making their own stuff (in this case, advertisements and promotions for his new LP,Goblin) very simply but with their own goofy spin.

Take a look at part 2 and 3

Childish Gambino’s take on Odd Future, The Weeknd, and whats to come

5 May

Hip Hop Update held an interview with Renaissance man Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino after a show he held in Los Angeles on April 27th to promote his upcoming IAMDONALD LP.

After getting a snippet of his stirring, energetic performance style, Gambino goes on to discuss a rap group at a similar stage in their musical development as himself, OFWGKTA, and up-and-coming R&B soloist The Weeknd, among other things. Despite having just finished a show, Gambino still conducts himself with the same cheer and wit that is reflected in his music. Check it out:

New video for Frank Ocean’s “Songs For Women”

22 Apr

The R&B mastermind of Odd Future now has a stylish new video to go along with arguably his most popular song to date.

Note that this video is fan-made, so it’s not officially Frank’s video, but at least it’s something with a fitting mood for the song.

Tyler, The Creator does some simple promotion for ‘Goblin’ on youtube

22 Apr

Here it is, a short video of what I’d guess is going to become a recurring character of his. Thurnis Haley, the older gentleman who just enjoys a nice afternoon at the driving range.

Get Goblin this coming May 10th.

Hard Events announces its lineup for ‘Hard Summer’

19 Apr

This August 6th comes one of the most incredible lineups I’ve seen lately for a single-night event. It’s going to be held at The Los Angeles State Historic Park. Buy tickets here.

Duck Sauce
Boys Noize
James Murphey & Pat Mahoney
Jack Beats
Carte Blanche
Busy P & So Me (as Busy Pictionary)
Holy Ghost
Karlsson & Winnberg (of Miike Snow)
Gaslamp Killer
Juan MacLean
Shit Robot
Still Going
Dillon Francis
Acid Jacks
[+ more]

Here’s the official flyer for the event:

Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand

Skrillex – Hey Sexy Lady remix

Odd Future – Earl (live)

Tyler, The Creator’s “Goblin” — available for pre-order on iTunes (tracklist included)

17 Apr

Definitely one of the most buzzed about projects in the past few years of hip-hop, Tyler, The Creator’s major label debut LP is now just around the corner. This is a huge release since this record label, XL Recordings, has worked with some of the world’s most prominent musicians such as Radiohead, The White Stripes, and Gil Scott-Heron just to name a few.

A few weeks ago when Tyler launched his teaser site buffalo-bill.net, I also included the album artwork and a possible (but unconfirmed) tracklist. Well, now I have the full tracklist for the deluxe edition, as well as the deluxe edition album artwork (above).

01. Goblin
02. Yonkers
03. Radicals
04. She (ft. Frank Ocean)
05. Transylvania
06. Nightmare
07. Tron Cat
08. Her
09. Sandwitches (ft. Hodgy Beats)
10. Fish
11. Analog (ft. Hodgy Beats)
12. Bitch Suck Dick (ft. Jasper Dolphin & Taco)
13. Window (ft. Domo Genesis, Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, & Mike G)
14. AU79
15. Golden
16. Burger (ft. Hodgy Beats) [Deluxe Edition Only]
17. Untitled 63 [Deluxe Edition Only]
18. Steak Sauce [Deluxe Edition Only]

You can pre-order today, but look out for the official release come May 10th.


Sandwitches (live on Jimmy Fallon):

Earl Sweatshirt — found! [UPDATED, Tyler’s input]

14 Apr

[According to Tyler, The Creator’s twitter, this is not accurate information. He said:

“Sick As Fuck, But I Just Came On This To Say That Complex Shit Is False Info. Sucks Waking Up To Some Shit Like That…Fuck Complex.”

This could be Tyler trying to stir up drama due to his dislike of Complex (about a month or so ago, Complex wrote a story on a tweet Tyler made regarding his disappointment in the Pusha T mixtape, and he was not too happy), but I guess Tyler would know better than anyone else where his close friend is.

So the enigmatic Earl lives on in mystery. (read the article below to see what kinds of info Complex put out earlier this morning).]

This is big news for any fans of the Odd Future crew. If you’ve heard any of their songs, seen any of their videos, read any of their twitter accounts (etc), then you know that Earl Sweatshirt is missing. The lack of details however kept fans in the dark and perpetuated rumors and guessing (he’s dead, he’s in prison, he’s across the country, and so on).

Well, just a few hours ago, Complex announced that they have found him! If you look at the picture above, it shows Earl with the group of boys that all go to Coral Reef Academy in Samoa (this place). It’s a place for teenagers who are headed down a dangerous path, and it is there to set them straight. So this corrective academy is where Earl has been for the past many months.

Well at least we now have some sort of conclusion to this loose end…now we just need to get him back here to record some more records.

Behind the scenes video of the Odd Future photoshoot with Terry Richardson for Vice Mag

13 Apr

Here’s just a funny montage of the chaos that is OFWGKTA doing a photoshoot. Put the quirky Odd Future crew in a room with the legendary photographer, Terry Richardson, and you’re bound to come up with something interesting.

Also here’s a pic taken by Tyler, The Creator and put up on his twitter of the actual article.

New 63 track mixtape by Frank Ocean (aka Lonny Breaux) of Odd Future – tracklist included

13 Apr

The new tape consists of tracks recorded prior to the release of his highly acclaimed Nostalgia, Ultra.

Frank Ocean has got to be one of my favorite members of the Odd Future crew. He stands out among all the others with his soulful and smooth R&B style.

If you don’t already have Nostalgia, Ultra, then you’d better go grab a hold of it somewhere…it’s a must own.

Here is the tracklist and album artwork for Frank’s new epic mixtape, The Lonny Breaux Collecition:

01. Acura Integurl
02. Bedtime Story
03. Blasted [Prod. Midi Mafia]
04. Bricks And Steel [Prod. Underdogs]
05. Broken Pieces [Prod. Clyde & Harry]
06. Can’t Be The Last Time [Prod. Gil & Vince]
07. Day Away [Prod. Brain Kennedy]
08. Denim [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
09. Done [Prod. Midi Mafia]
10. Dying for Your Love
11. Dying for Your Love (2nd take)
12. Flight [Prod. By J.R. Hutson]
13. Focus [Prod. Soundz]
14. Follow [Prod. Underdogs]
15. Go Up [Prod. J.R Hutson]
16. Got The Keys [Prod. Midi Mafia]
17. Greedy Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
18. Hardest Thing [Prod. Midi Mafia]
19. Holly Baby
20. I Need Love [Prod. The Cartel]
21. If I’m In Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
22. J.O.B [Prod. Syience]
23. Kamikaze [Prod. Underdogs]
24. Know Better [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
25. Lights [Prod. Midi Mafia]
26. Lonny
27. Lost Angel [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
28. Love On My Piano
29. Miss You So [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
30. No Bonnie [Prod. Midi Mafia]
31. No Love
32. Non-Stop [Prod. J.R. Rotem]
33. Ohh In Love [Prod. Midi Mafia]
34. Old Terror [Prod. Midi Mafia]
35. One Look [Prod. Midi Mafia]
36. Open Air
37. Overload [Prod. Midi Mafia]
38. Private Show [Prod. J.R. Rotem]
39. Quickly [Prod. Midi Mafia]
40. Read The Stars [Prod. Midi Mafia]
41. Ready
42. Real [Prod. Underdogs]
43. Rewind That
44. Richest Man In The Room [Prod. Midi Mafia]
45. Rocket Love [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
46. Scared Of Beautiful [Prod. Midi Mafia]
47. She Won’t Say Hello [Prod. Underdogs]
48. Simply [Prod. by Midi Mafia]
49. So Comfortable [Prod. Underdogs]
50. So Fresh
51. Standing Still [Prod. Midi Mafia]
52. Stay If You Go [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
53. Sucka For Love [Prod. Mansur]
54. Sucka For Love [Prod. Mansur] (2nd take)
55. Surprise Ending
56. Taste [Prod. Midi Mafia]
57. The City [Prod. Tim & Bob]
58. Time Machine [Prod. Midi Mafia]
59. Together [Prod. Brian Kennedy]
60. Tonight
61. Truce [Prod. by The Runners]
62. Wake Up [Prod. Underdogs]
63. When I’m Done [Prod. Midi Mafia]

Just for fun, here’s one of my favorite Frank Ocean tracks (this one is off of Nostalgia, Ultra)

Unreleased track by Earl Sweatshirt AKA Sly Tendencies

9 Apr

Wherever this mysterious 17 year-old rap prodigy is, he should be patting himself on the back. Now referred to as Earl Sweatshirt, “Dat Ass” was produced when this infamous, dicey lyricist was still the independent skater/rapper known as Sly Tendencies, and Wolf Gang meant nothing to him.

In the recent explosion of OFWGKTA, Earl’s strange absence from the group, combined with his raw talent as a rapper and musician as a whole have labeled him as the most intriguing rap enigma to come from Odd Future in my opinion. He has a unique ability to combine his rebellious, bad-egg personality with pure craft and wit in his words. This track features Earl spitting over a funky sitar, and, like his public image, embodies the phrase “short and sweet.” Check it: